How to not dry your hair badly

The morning is always busy. Is not it time to dry your hair for the most time? When it comes to drying your hair, it is most likely to dry quickly while doing other things, rather than just relaxing. I wish I could get up a little earlier and let my hair dry, but I can not! However, if you manage to keep your head dry, you will not only lose your hair but also your scalp health. The longer your hair is! How do you see if you can dry your hair?

The ideal way to dry your hair is to dry it naturally, but it is impossible for students who need to go to work or to go to work. Sometimes you can easily see those who go to work and backpacks without drying their heads. It is easy to get dandruff in this case, because it absorbs ultraviolet rays in the wet state, the damage of the hair is inevitable! So what should we do? First, be sure to wipe away any water remaining on your head with a new towel, not a wet towel. It takes a lot of time to dry out even if you get rid of the water!

Functional towels and microfiber towels are better for removing water. The next method is to wrap the head with a towel after the hair is wrapped and then start the foundation makeup. To rub your hair to dry it is one of the ways to hurt your head. Spending time with your head wrapped is naturally absorbed by the towel in your head. But it is not good to wrap your head for too long! The thinner your hair, the shorter the time you wrap your head, and if you have a thicker hair, you can spend a little more time.

It is effective to apply hair essence or oil in the wet state before drying your hair, in the middle of drying, after drying. It prevents damage that can occur during the drying process of the hair and increases the absorption rate of hair essence and oil. Among them, please apply hair essence or oil before you dry your hair!

You know how to dry your hair, but you have to dry your roots and then dry your hair. If you do not have enough time to dry your hair in the morning, let it dry from the roots! If you can not dry your hair, you can dry your roots and your scalp will not be damaged. It is best to dry them in the order of root (scalp), bangs and hair, and if you have bangs, it is not hard to get styled next time you have to hold it in wet condition!


5 ways to curl your hair with one curling iron

Create one curling iron and five different types of curl ; it’s possible! From classic to casual curls, beachy wavy hair to tight curls … all beautiful. We came across a tutorial that will explain how all these curls on an easy way to get together. And so with one pair of tongs. Watch and learn!

Do you have a curling iron at home and do you always make the same kind of curls? That will change after seeing this video. It is all in the technique of hair curls with curling iron and you will get the hang of it!

  1. Classic curl

This curl is called the classic curl, because this is not only a chic and perfect curl, it is also the standard way in which the curling iron is used. You grab a tuft of hair and you flatten it between your fingers. You turn the tuft flat around the curling iron, away from your face and make sure there is no space between them. Wait about 15 seconds and then slide the curl off the curling iron and hold it in your hands for a moment before you release the curl. The result is a perfect and neat curl.

  1. Natural curl

The second technique creates a natural curl in the hair. This curl looks like it is your natural hair, because it curls in different directions and is not perfect. This is how you make the natural curl: you grab a tuft of hair and twist it two turns around the curling iron away from your face. You wait a few seconds and remove the tuft, then turn the rest of the tuft around the curling iron in the other direction. Finally, put your fingers through the picking and the result is a natural effect.

  1. Pipe curl

The following curling technique ensures perfect spiral curls. For this you need thinner tufts of hair, because there must be space between the hair on the curling iron. If you have long hair, you will have to use the curling iron several times for one curl. You start by curling the upper part of the tuft, then you slide the hair off the curling iron and finish the curl by pulling the remaining hair over the curling iron once or twice.

  1. Twist curl

You also need thinner tufts to create the twist curl. Twist the tuft away from the face and twist it around the curling iron, while you continue to twist the tuft. Turn the tuft as tightly as possible around the curling iron with no space between them. So you curl the same as the classic curl but with a twist in it. Remove the curl from the curling iron after about 15 seconds and hold it briefly in your hand. Eventually you get your fingers through and it becomes a big natural curl.

  1. Loose wave

With the latest technology you create Victoria’s Secret waves in the hair. You grab a thick tuft of hair and start curling fairly low. You turn the bottom of the tuft around the curling iron and you keep moving and sliding. The result? Beautiful, soft, bouncy waves!


7 ways to curl your hair without using heat

Curling your hair with a curling iron or straightener is very beautiful, but oh so bad for your hair. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to curl your hair that don’t cause hair problems.

And for that you only need a sock, t-shirt or some toilet paper.

Curl without trouble Blowing
hair, styling or curling is bad for your hair. The outer layer can be damaged by the (extreme) heat. With these tips you get curls without problems:

  1. T-shirt
    You may not believe it, but even with a t-shirt you can make curls. Make sure you have washed your hair just in advance. This trick works best if your hair is still slightly damp, so not completely dry. Roll the shirt all the way up and secure the ends to each other with an elastic band. Comb all your hair forward, divide your hair into different strands and roll it around the shirt that is lying on your head like a aura ( halo ). Sleep a night with it and the result will surprise you.
  2. Hair
    band By putting on a hair band and curling your hair around it, you have a few beautiful curls in twenty minutes. The tighter you pull your hair around the band, the tighter the curls become. You get the most natural effect by rolling the plucking hair loosely around the headband. Make sure the headband stays on for at least 20 minutes for the best results.
  3. Toilet paper
    Roll a single piece of toilet paper, wrap your hair around it and tie the two ends together. You don’t have to do more. In the video below you can see exactly what you have to do step by step to create those beautiful curls without heat.
  4. Braiding
    You can also make beautiful curls by braiding your hair. Make two tails and start braiding at the top of both sides. During braiding always grab a small amount of your hair by the braid and finish at the bottom. Sleep one night with your braids and wake up the next morning like a real curly ball.
  5. Clothespin
    Grab a small tuft of hair and twist it as tightly as possible around a clothes pin. Do the same for the rest of your hair, until all of your hair is caught in a clothes peg. Go to bed and take the pegs out the next morning.
  6. Sock
    Pick up a sock and roll it up from the outside in so that you create a circle. Make a high tail, almost on top of your head. Fold the sock around your tail, hold the sock at the end of your hair and divide your hair in half. Roll the sock up and make sure your hair is completely wrapped around the sock. When you are all the way up, fix the bun on top of your head and go to bed with it. Your hair is nicely curled the next day when you take the sock off again.
  7. Baby wipes
    Yes, you read that right. You can also use baby wipes to curl your hair. It works the same as the toilet paper, only this paper is already damp, which creates tighter curls. Grab a cloth and roll it up completely. Grab a tuft of hair and roll it around the cloth. If the tuft of hair is completely wrapped around the cloth, you can tie the ends together. Do this with every pluck, until all your hair is wrapped around the baby wipes. Now go to sleep and take the wipes out carefully the next morning. You should now have beautiful pipe curls.

Why is the hair curled?

Human hair is mainly composed of keratin protein, which is a keratin protein tissue formed by hardening of dead cortical cells. As we all know, proteins are made up of amino acids. Among the amino acids constituting keratin proteins, the content of cystine is relatively large.
The structure of the hair is divided into three layers, from the outside to the inside: hair small skin, cortical layer, medulla.

The reason for the “natural volume” is that
from the world’s perspective, there are more straight hairs among the Orientals, and there are more “natural volumes” among Westerners and blacks. What is the reason for this difference?
The reason for the curl is related to the deviation of the pores and the uneven distribution of cells of two different properties in the cortex, and is directly affected by the genetics. Due to the uneven distribution of the two cells, the hair grows skewed and a curl is formed (see the figure below). In addition, if the mental stress increases, the blood flowing to the hair cells in the hair roots of the hair is not smooth, and curls are easily formed.

Why can perm persist for a long time?
Perfused hair does not straighten and is persistent even when wet with water. In contrast, because the hair that sleeps and bends, and the hair that is bent with the hair clips, it is called “temporary curls” and can be restored to its original state after being wet. These curled hairs are related to the way in which the four major molecules are bound to the keratin in the hair. Arranged from weak to strong, these binding modes are hydrogen bonds, ionic bonds, disulfide bonds (-SS-, S refers to sulfur), peptide bonds, and the most abundant ones are hydrogen bonds. In general perm, when the hair is rolled up with a hair curl, in addition to the peptide bond, the other three keys in the hair are cut off. At this point, the connected object changes to curl the hair (see above).


Calculate the ovulation date: what are the most fertile days to achieve pregnancy?

If you know your ovulation date, you can increase your chances of getting pregnant to some extent. But do you know how to calculate it? We give you some keys to know the answer.

The menstrual cycle constitutes the preparation of the woman’s body for a possible pregnancy. This period is divided into three phases, which always begin to count from the first day of menstruation until the beginning of the next. Normally it lasts approximately 28 days , but it depends on each woman who understands more or less days.

In any case, the menstrual cycle is divided into three main phases that can be summarized as follows:

The follicular phase , which lasts about 14 days. During these two weeks a new ovule begins to mature and the walls of the uterus prepare to receive it.

The ovulation , which approximates day 14. In this stage occurs the egg is released , which travels through the fallopian tube, where it will wait for about 24 hours to be fertilized.

The luteal phase , which lasts about 14 days. It is the time interval between ovulation and the beginning of the next menstruation. During this phase, the ovule may or may not be fertilized, leading to preparation for pregnancy or the premenstrual stage.

How is the ovulation date calculated?
To calculate the ovulation date , it should be known that, although the cycles are longer or shorter for women, the luteal phase always lasts 14 or 15 days. To find the ovulation date, you must subtract these 14 days from the total of your cycle average.

Calculation of fertile days
To increase the probability of fertilization, you must extend the calculation some days before and after the date considered: the egg has a life of 24 hours and sperm can last up to four days, which translates into a period fertile of about five days , which are just before ovulation.

How can you recognize ovulation?
There are some factors that can indicate that we are in the ovulation phase:

  • If the basal temperature increases (taken in the morning upon waking, before putting your feet on the ground) of 3 to 5 tenths.
  • If the cervical mucus clears, it is more fluid and abundant.
  • If pains appear in the lower abdomen on the side of the ovary that releases the ovule.

If you do not have these symptoms you should not worry, that does not mean you do not ovulate. Many women have no symptoms during the fertile period and may not notice changes in the flow. In fact, the flow may have the typical consistency of the ovulation period,but if it remains at the level of the cervix, you will not notice the change. Conceive Plus lubricant is a product highly recommended by gynecologists and doctors because it includes essential calcium and magnesium ions for the viability of sperm and contributes to create an optimal environment for fertilization. ( Buy it on Amazon for € 19.99 )

The advantage of calculating the basal temperature is that you know for sure if there has been ovulation or if the cycle has been anovolutaroio , that is, without ovulation. If the graph of the basal temperature does not include the two phases and the temperature remains always the same, it means that ovulation can not be verified. The digital basal thermometer Fermometer tells you the period of ovulation accurately, so you know which are the most fertile days. The method used by Fermometer measures your ovulation period with 99% accuracy and stores all the data so that you have a history. ( Buy on Amazon for € 39 )

tests There are tests that are sold in pharmacies, similar to pregnancy tests , which can detect if you are in the period of ovulation when the test strip comes into contact with urine (detects the presence of the hormone LH). If you want to have a baby, these tests can help you to know more accurately your most fertile days to conceive.


Calculating the date of ovulation

Calculate your ovulation date with the fertility application of Doctissimo. Are you a woman between the ages of 20 and 45, and would you like to have a child? At what time of the cycle are you most likely to have a pregnancy? How to determine your ovulation day?

General principles for calculating the date of ovulation
To conceive a child, some periods are more favorable than others! To maximize your chances of getting pregnant, it’s best to know when your ovulation date will help determine your fertility period.

The female cycle begins on the first day of the rules and ends on the first day of the next rules. A menstrual cycle lasts an average of twenty-eight days , and comprises three phases: the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase. It can be longer or shorter (between 21 and 35 days), and is not always regular. It can indeed vary according to various factors: hormonal, environmental or psychological.

During one cycle, the fertility period lasts 5-7 days: four or five days before the date of ovulation and one to two days later. If you are in desire of child, it is then the most favorable moment to have sex.

Tool to calculate online its date of ovulation
To know your period of fertility and put all chances on your side, fill in the usual duration of your menstrual cycle (if it is between 21 to 35 days) and specify the date of your last period. You will then get an estimate of your fertility period.

To find out, fill in the usual duration of your ovulation cycle (if it is between 21 to 35 days) and specify the date of your last period.

Question: What is the average duration of your cycles?

21 to 35 days.
They are irregular.
less than 21 days.
more than 35 days.

Attention, this calculation of the date of ovulation is given as an indication, and relies on probabilities. Different factors may vary the day of ovulation in a woman and it is impossible to predict precisely, especially in case of irregular periods or cycles of durations less than 21 days or greater than 35 days .

In addition, you can not use this fertility test as a ” contraceptive method “. For reliable contraception, you should use a condom, which will also protect you against sexually transmitted diseases, or ask your doctor to prescribe another method.



If you want to become pregnant, calculate when your ovulation is. What is ovulation and how can you calculate it? We explain it!

Calculating ovulation, is that the same as calculating ovulation? What is ovulation calculation and how do you actually do that?

Ovulation and ovulation is the same. We consult Wiki and it is said there:

T ovulation or ovulation is the preparation of an egg from the ovary.

The release of an egg occurs once per menstrual cycle . The ovum that is ripe must make a small leap during ovulation to end up in the fallopian tube. Hence the name ovulation. At the bottom is a video that shows this entire process.

When you want to become pregnant, it is important to calculate your ovulation. You are most fertile on the days before ovulation. Not everyone is exactly the same, but on average your fertile period runs from four days before ovulation, to two days after ovulation.

Calculating your ovulation is very easy. You look at the last day of your menstrual cycle and subtract 14 days from it. It is therefore important that you know what your menstrual cycle is. Otherwise it will be difficult to find out. Sperm can be kept in your body for quite a long time. On average, sperm can ‘live’ in the female body for about 72 hours. It is even said between four and seven days. If these sperm cells are already in the woman’s body before ovulation, the egg from that month can still be fertilized.

Accurately calculate ovulation?
There are three other ways to calculate your ovulation. These are even more accurate:

Measure body temperature
View structure of cervical mucus
Blood test to measure the height of the progesterone


Ovulation calculator, when will I probably ovulate?

Menstrual cycles always last 28 days and every woman ovulates on day 14.

FACT: The average menstrual cycle lasts 28 days, but each woman is unique and about 50% of women have a cycle that deviates seven days or more 1 . Since menstrual cycles are not the same length, the time of ovulation also varies. So it can be difficult to determine what your most fertile days are.

Understand the results of your ovulation calculator
There are many types of ovulation calculators available today that estimate when your fertile days are. These calculators are a kind of ‘calendar method’ and work with average data without reading anything about your personal hormone levels. However, no one is ‘average’:

  1. Cycle lengths vary from woman to woman and from cycle to cycle: in fact almost 50% of menstrual cycles deviate seven days or more 1
  2. Ovulation time can vary by a few days , even in regular cycles.

Do we have to make love every day that I am fertile?
Professor Bill Ledger

Sperm cells that remain in the testicles for too long accumulate too much damaged DNA and are less fertile. In couples who often have sex (daily), the man will have fewer sperm cells per ejaculate, but the sperm will be more fertile. If you are trying to father a child, you should try to have sex at least every two days around the time of ovulation.

What is the difference between ‘ovulation’ and ‘fertile days’?
“Ovulation” is the process by which an egg is released from the ovary. This takes place 12-16 days before the next menstrual period begins.

“Fertile days” are the days during a woman’s menstrual cycle, up to and including the day of ovulation, when she has the potential to conceive after unprotected sex.

When are the days with the highest and lowest chance of becoming pregnant?
The most fertile days in every cycle when you have the highest chance of becoming pregnant after unprotected sex are the day of ovulation and the day before. These are the two days with ‘peak fertility’. However, during a woman’s fertile time, sperm can survive in her body for a few days. That is why there are also a few days before when you could become pregnant. These are the days with ‘high fertility’. Outside this ‘fertile period’ of approximately six days, the chance of pregnancy is low 3 .

Which method is very accurate?
The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests are more than 99% accurate in detecting the LH increase occurring 24-36 hours before ovulation, and are therefore more accurate than calendar and temperature methods in predicting the most fertile days 4 .


Will There Be Ovulation Without Menstruation?

Because women will have an egg in the 12-16 days before her menstrual cramps, it may be pregnant for women not to have menstruation. Women who do not have menstruation for some reason (such as low birth weight, lactation, menopause, etc.) may be at risk of becoming pregnant because of the resumption of ovulation.

If you still have not had menstruation after two weeks of ovulation, you may need to have a pregnancy test.

For women who want to get pregnant, if they don’t observe their basal body temperature and changes in cervical mucus, menstruation may make it harder for them to know when they are ovulating. But if you haven’t been menstruating for a while and you really want to know how to use it, you should take contraceptives because there is no way to know exactly when you are ovulating.

Is It Possible To Still Not Ovulate In The Presence Of Menstrual Cramps?
Having a menstrual cramp does not necessarily mean that you are ovulating normally. Some women may have an ovulation cycle (which means no ovulation). In an ovulatory cycle, women may experience bleeding like menstruation, but this is not really a menstrual period.

This type of bleeding is caused by the fact that the ever-increased endometrium is unable to maintain itself or the estrogen decline, so it is necessary to track your basal body temperature by telling whether or not to ovulate.


How to lower your blood sugar – natural diabetes treatment

If you suffer from diabetes, pre-diabetes or insulin resistance, you know how difficult it is to check your blood sugar levels. You may often have an urge for carbohydrates and sugar, you become depressed by your dependence on insulin and other medication, you have to constantly fight to maintain your weight, and even more problems like that. The good news is that there are a number of natural ways to control your blood sugar levels. The most critical are maintaining a regular exercise pattern and a healthy diet. On the other hand, research shows that a wide range of supplements can help you to ‘manage’ your blood sugar levels and glucose. As you undoubtedly know, maintaining a healthy blood sugar level within a normal range is the most important thing you can do to avoid long-term damage to your body and all sorts of complications associated with diabetes, both now, in the near and in the near future. far future.

Learn how to lower your blood sugar levels with natural diabetes treatments, and choose the ones that suit you best. And feel free to talk about it and even discuss it with your doctor, especially if you have diabetes.

Lower your blood sugar levels through routine movements
If you have diabetes, are at high risk of diabetes or just want to prevent this disease in the future, one of the best ways to maintain and improve your health is simply to exercise and exercise regularly. Poor twenty minutes of sustained physical activity for four times a week, or thirty minutes of moderate physical activity three times a week, your blood sugar can all decrease significantly, this according to the results o f a study on the 54 th annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine was proposed.

It is undeniably true: exercise lowers your blood sugar levels
To provide your body with ‘fuel’, your muscles start to draw on the body’s glucose reserves to get energy. When that source is exhausted, your body starts to use the glucose from your bloodstream, with the logical consequence that your blood sugar levels begin to fall. After your workout your liver will replenish the supply, which causes your blood sugar levels to fall even more. In addition to a lowered blood sugar level, regular exercise will also increase your insulin sensitivity, reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol, burn fat and stimulate blood circulation.

Lower your blood sugar level with a diet
Most experts believe that a diet low in carbohydrates and rich in protein is the best choice for lowering blood sugar. ” The Insulin Resistant Diet ” by Cheryle R. Hart, MD and Mary Kay Grossmann, RD, explains how to prevent insulin resistance and stabilize your blood sugar by adjusting your diet.

There are also a number of other nutritional considerations that can assist in lowering blood sugar levels.

Keep in mind that although the fact that researchers have already conducted a number of studies related to dietary supplements for diabetes requires a great deal more scientific research into current and long-term effects. Before you start making changes to your diet or switching to some dietary supplement, it is better to take the matter up with your doctor or specialist.

ALA (alpha-lipoic Acid) is an antioxidant that protects your body against cell damage. Adding food such as liver, spinach, broccoli and potatoes to your diet on a regular basis can help you to lower your blood sugar level.

Some people also take dietary supplements with ALA to treat or prevent diabetic neuropathy.

According to a study conducted in combination, by the Mayo Clinic and a Russian medical center, ALA supplements would lead to a reduction in pain, feelings of burning and numbness associated with most types of diabetic neuropathy.

Polyphenols are also antioxidants found in tea and dark chocolate. They are supposed to promote vascular heat and glucose control, and also to lower lipid levels. However, caffeine can have adverse health effects, which also applies to the decaffeinated versions of your favorite drinks. Green tea contains another polyphenol known as EGCG, to which beneficial effects are attributed, such as lowering blood sugar levels in mice.

Omega-3 fatty acids
Omega-3 fatty acids are important fatty acids that we mainly find in fish (salmon, tuna, halibut, etc.), singing seed, fish oil and vegetable oils such as soybeans and sunflower oil. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to lower triglyceride levels and to inhibit inflammation, but they have no effect on blood sugar levels or cholesterol levels. Intensive research indicates that Omega-3 fatty acids help to prevent heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases, and it is not surprising that many people have now included supplements with this fatty acid in their diet. In the meantime, there are many, albeit early, indications that adding a certain type of cinnamon to your diet can help lower your blood sugar levels, as well as your cholesterol and triglycerides.

Lower your blood sugar levels with diabetes supplements
By far the very best dietary supplement for diabetics is a good diabetic vitamin that you take on a daily basis. In addition to the suggestions for your diet as indicated above, there are many other dietary supplements for diabetes that can help you lower your blood sugar levels and reduce your insulin resistance. Among these supplements, chromium is perhaps the best known, although some forms of this mineral have more effect than others. It can certainly be used to slow the drive for carbohydrates. Because insulin resistance is often associated with abnormal levels of magnesium and potassium, there are other popular supplements to treat diabetes.