Do you want to lower your blood sugar, do you know the pre-meal load?

Pre-meal load helps reduce postprandial glycemic response. Pre-prandial load definition: Before the main nutrient load meal, a small number of macronutrients are taken to induce intestinal secretion of the intestinal peptide, slowing gastric emptying, and stimulating insulin secretion. Simply understand, pre-meal load means that before we eat a meal, we should eat a small amount of food to pad the stomach, and the first thing we should eat is protein, fat, dietary fiber, and other nutrients that do not raise blood sugar.

These first things will help our digestive system get into work early, and the regulation of postprandial blood sugar will begin slowly. So when we have a meal, the blood sugar response will be relatively stable, and it will control the blood sugar response after the meal. purpose. Pre-meal load has been shown by several studies to have a positive effect on blood sugar control. Studies have found that eating breakfast, compared to eating bread milk at the same time, choose to eat a cup of milk 30 minutes before eating bread can effectively reduce postprandial blood glucose response; milk can be replaced by soy milk can achieve the same effect. In the pre-meal load method, there are two important influencing factors: the type of food before the meal and the time of the pre-meal load.

Food calories and food weights need to be noted

What is the food choice for the pre-meal load? In general, the choice is not to raise blood sugar, such as high-protein foods, foods rich in dietary fiber, and other low-GI foods. But these foods that are eaten before a meal may increase the total energy intake of a meal, so low-calorie foods are more beneficial in food choices. The weight of the food should also be noted. It is best to separate the food from the original meal before eating it. This not only achieves the purpose of controlling the blood sugar before the meal but also does not bring extra energy intake. A selection of foods that are loaded before eating, a cup of sugar-free soy milk or milk, a small bowl of oil or vegetable salad, a small portion of fruit, or a small number of nuts is good choices.

You can eat a little food 30 minutes before a meal.

As for the time of pre-meal load, most of the current choices are 30 minutes before the meal. Eating something at such a time in the 30 minutes before a meal will not give the feeling of just eating out and not eating a meal, nor will it be too early to eat before eating. If you are cooking at home, eating something 30 minutes before eating a meal will ensure that you are not too hungry, and you have more energy and a happy mood to cook. For example, we can have sugar-free soy milk before eating breakfast and start making breakfast. Before eating lunch or dinner, you can bring a small bowl of vegetables, or half an apple, half an hour in advance. After a sense of fullness in the abdomen, you can cook more comfortably. The working party and the student party can also guarantee this time. Work and learning efficiency.

Adjusting the eating order is good for blood sugar control

However, when work and study are busy, it is sometimes difficult to strictly eat something 30 minutes before the meal. Is there no way to control the blood sugar before eating? actually not. We can pay attention to adjusting the order of eating, and can also achieve the effect of the pre-meal load method.

In one study, 30 subjects were given the same food and energy for two days before and after, but the first day after eating, they ate the food. The next day, the order of eating was reversed, that is, eating and then eating, monitoring the meal. After the change of blood sugar, it was found that the blood sugar level of the patient who ate the food first was significantly lower than that after eating. It can be seen that the order of eating affects postprandial blood glucose, and eating vegetables first can reduce postprandial blood glucose response

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