Umar Mohammed’s Functional Nonsense! By Bayo Oluwasanmi

It’s not my style to dignify cow dung from interpreters of maladies. However, I welcome Umar Mohammed for throwing his hat into the ring to defend Vice President Yemi Osinbajo (Pastor RUGA) and his pet project – community policing. 

I know I’m not going to settle anything with Mohammed, the inebriated cheer leader of Pastor RUGA. But I have to get this off my chest. Long story short: Umar Mohammed’s reply to my article “Pastor RUGA’s

Community Policing: Too Little, Too Late, Won’t Fly” is a functional nonsense!

It is painfully apparent that Mohammed is plagued by ennuis and a general disenchantment with the truth. Mohammed demonstratively misses the point. Instead of accepting the fact that NPF is a ragtag outfit unfit to combat crimes and maintain law and order in the 21st century, Mohammed expresses slavish concern about insulting Pastor RUGA and dictator Buhari. 

Operating from the mountain of ignorance, Mohammed has no clue what community policing is all about. How can you operate community policing with 17th century centralized police structure such as the NPF? No way! Why do block heads ruling Nigeria romances half measures in tackling problems? What’s wrong with having local and state police charged with community policing? Even the colonial masters – the Brits – who bequeathed NPF to us had long jettisoned centralized police system in favor of local and state police. 

See, the myopic illiterates who foisted the US presidential system on us, willfully and deliberately for their own selfish gain, excluded local and state police from it. Local and state police is one of the inbuilt features that makes the US presidential system of government work incredibly effective.

For the umpteenth time and for the education of the Mohammeds of the world, I stand by the following facts:

1. RUGA was the brainchild of Fulani hegemonists. Buhari as the conduit, sponsored the initiative. It was a surreptitious method to grab Yoruba land for Fulanis. Pastor RUGA as Buhari’s vice-president was the salesman who tried to sell it to Yorubas. RUGA was scrapped as a result of public outcry. When RUGA failed, the Fulanis brought it back under a cloak named National Livestock Transformation Plan (NLTP). Because Buhari and his team are barren of ideas, and as agents of primitivity, could not reason that ranches will serve a better purpose than RUGA or NLTP. Ranches is what civilized nations practice.

2. Mohammed misinterprets my citing Pastor RUGA’s impressive resume as praise. Not at all. It’s an indictment because with such resume, he fails to add value to governance. 

3. There can be no effective community policing without local and state police system. This is the way it is done in advanced nations. Because Nigeria never embraced anything good, creative or innovative, but foolishly clings to outdated systems, it will never know peace, progress, and prosperity. 

4. Mohammed, what becomes of programs such as Operation Feed The Nation, Green Revolution, Nigeria Air, Ajaokuta Steel and Iron Industry, Tradermoni, two million jobs every two years and two million public housing units for poor Nigerians, the economy, safety and security, the war against Boko Haram terrorists, the war against corruption, etc., promised by Buhari? 

5. Mohammed, are Nigerians better off today than they were five years ago when Buhari took over? 

Nigerians are sick and tired and tired and sick of watchful waiting for moron leaders to turn the country around after 60 years. Of course, the bedlam has increased under spectator President Buhari. It’s no secret that Buhari is more empty, elusive, aloof, incompetent, absent, nepotistic than any of the men that have ruled Nigeria. History will record Buhari’s time as the darkest years of Nigeria.


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