Giant Great Dane Proves To Be Best Kitten Foster Dad Ever

To say Corbin is a giant canine is an understatement. As a Nice Dane, he’s 150 lbs. of legs and love and the higher phrases to explain him are ‘light large’. His mother, Karen, instructed the Dodo folks will cross the highway he’s so huge, “but they don’t know that he’s fearful of his personal … Read more

The Great Spay Debate |

This week on the Cone….. One veterinarian says to spay earlier than the primary warmth cycle. One other says after the primary warmth cycle. A 3rd says to spay after the second warmth cycle. How did we get to a spot the place there’s a lot disagreement? Why are suggestions altering? And most significantly, WHO … Read more

A Great Substitute for Canned Spray Cheese for Dog Treats

If the concept of giving junk meals to your canine appalls you, don’t learn this. However I’ll say that my concoction of goopy stuff is more healthy than the unique. I gained’t make you learn the historical past of the world earlier than presenting the recipe. To avoid wasting of you from scrolling down, right … Read more

4 Genetic Traits That Make Dachshunds Great Hiking Companions

Climbing with small canines is rising in popularity and Dachshunds are among the best small breeds that make nice climbing companions. Initially bred to be searching canines, their athletic capacity and tenacity was bred into them. Dachshunds even have a number of bodily traits and traits that allowed them to excel at their job of … Read more